28 January 2008

Umar and Measles

This entry special for my son, Umar who just recovered from his measles yesterday...what a terrible week I guess...
after took an emergency leave on Monday, Umar still had a high fever and guess what? We were rushing to Emergency Room Hospital Putrajaya on Sunday afternoon as Umar's body started to shiver..oh God, luckily we arrived at the ER within 10 minutes from our home..
In the ER, Umar had been treated by the nurses and doctor by giving the what we called it..'ubat bontot'..(don't know how to spell it correctly) to faster his recovery as the temperature rise up to 40oC.
After spent almost 5 hours in ER, finally we are allowed to bring Umar back to our home..what a nightmare...hopefully that would be the last happened to Umar..me and my hubby promised to each other to take more precaution when anything happened to our son...
life must goes on!

25 January 2008

First entry....

This is my first entry after my hard effort to make this blog come true..what a shame as other people are enjoying their blog quite a long time but I just managed to dot it today...but it's ok what huh? better late than never...hahaha
so whatever it is, LIFE MUST GOES ON bebe!