04 February 2008

Tajuk yang sesuai...

I don't know what is the best title to put on, can you suggest it? hehehe.
Anyway a few stories to share:

1. Already moved to my new room/office after waiting for quite a long time. Before this I have been placed in the big room with the partition. So kiranye dah dapat privacy sikit ler..hopefully aku akan lebih rajin la lepas ni... I will upload a few pictures soon...

2. My sister and SIL will be having their engagement ceremony this year. My SIL's engagement is just around the corner (on 6th Feb, a day before Chinese New Year) and my sister's engagement will be in somewhere in Mei during the school holidays. So for this coming long break during chinese New Year, we will not going back to Kelantan, but..but we'll gonna have a long break during school holidays in Mei. My SIL have been planning to Kelantan as well to buy her necessary thing for the coming wedding end of the year.

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