10 April 2008

Cloth diapers to let go..

1. GADimals Iced Blue with Dinos microfleece (L size)-----> RM 45 RM 40, anyone interested??? (bought at RM 70)
nampak tak label dia masih baru tak terjejas pun, coz memang jarang pakai as my son jenis tubuh slim macam mak dia , so bila pakai asyik leaking plak.... so nak let go la...

2. Bummis training pants (S size)-----> RM 35 RM 30, anyone interested???

3.Baby Behind fitted diaper in shocking pink ------> RM 45 RM 40 SOLD, anyone???(bought at RM 78)

4. Dancing Bear bottom soakers and night pants (M size)-----> RM 45 RM 40 SOLD, anyone interested??? (bought at RM 70)

5. Diaper cover Bummis, size M --------> RM 30 (bought at rm 45)

Fitted Cute Tooshies-----> RM 50 SOLD, anyone interested??? (bought at RM 85)

Sila baca T n C kat bawah sebelum beli, tq.

• oh! Serious buyers only yang akan dilayan....
• first come first serve basis
• Prices are not including shipping and handling, unless otherwise stated.
• Payment must be made to my CIMB account before items can be delivered.
• Reservation only 3 days, if nak reserve lebih lama, sila bayar 50%. Any cancellation will no be refund.
• Good sold are not returnable or refundable.
• Please allow 2-5 days for delivery (excluding weekends & public holidays)

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