29 May 2008

My 20th week of pregnancy

Alhamdulillah, this week genap 20 week usia no#3...

Pregnant kali ni dipermudahkan oleh-Nya, tiada morning sickness macam mengandungkan Syakir dan Umar dulu, selera makan ok, and now at my 20th week of pegnancy, I gained 4 kg already...

For this pregnancy, I have been prescribed with the aspirin to dilute the blood due to the previous history of my kids (both of them were delivered with weight< 2.5 kg).

Prof suspected maybe something wrong with my antibody, that's why the placenta cannot supply enough blood to the foetus.

I hope everything will be fine till the end of my delivery day..Insyaallah.

Estimated weight dah 300 g++ and semalam dah pergi scan ngan Prof Zaleha kat UKMSC, Insyaallah another brother to come out..ngehngehngeh..

Masa scan tu, tak expect Prof boleh nampak jantina coz sblm tu dah scan kat klinik biasa tak nampak..

tuptup bila dia cakap another boy, me and hubby bantai gelak sakan..entah apa yang lucu sgt pun tak tau..

but for me, seriously I can't imagine how the life will be after no#3 comes end of Oct...sure kalut punye dgn 3 hero!!!!!!!!!hahahaha

dalam kereta on the way balik, tgh dinner pun me and hubby still dok terkekek-kekek ketawa...

For me, boy or girl it doesn't mattter as long as sihat walafiat, cukup sifat and dipermudahkan oleh-Nya, dah bersyukur sangat...

So after this I already have 3M....hehehhe

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missselfridge said...

nor..semoga selamat deliver nnti..amin..take a great care k..